Investments on the stock exchange

Investments on the stock exchange

At the moment we are living in a period of serious economic difficulties, thanks to the great global crisis that began in America in 2007 and then spread like a terrible virus in all the nations of the world. But how can we combat this crisis? We fight with investments and ideas because among timeless horses and new opportunities to make money there are many opportunities for those who have economic potential even modest to invest and aims to diversify. In fact, this is the basic rule for not being found unprepared, namely to bet on different options a bit ‘because different are also the taxes (and therefore the money that enter the coffers of the saver) and a bit’ because with the fluctuation of the financial market is always better not to be found unprepared.

The real estate market

But what are the best or most practical investment opportunities? The first, especially for Italians, is the real estate market because the brick never betrays and does not devalue even if over the years prices have gone down as well as returns. Does buying a house, a building or even a building plot to make a construction pay off? Yes, especially for those who have cash available and do not have to turn to a bank for a mortgage. The ideal, for those who do not need a roof under which to live, is to buy at real estate prices, maybe even real estate or their portions to be renovated, and then rent at market prices or resell to prestigious real estate companies. A good alternative is to invest in luxury properties intended exclusively for tourists, or rent to foreign tourists who can pay better.

Government and postal bonds

Another type of investment, always considered sufficiently safe, is in Government bonds and securities issued by Poste Italiane. In the first case, these are exclusively public bonds issued directly by the Italian State, in particular by the Ministry of Finance, with many possibilities that bear the name of BOTs, BTPs and CCTs.

BOTs or Treasury Bills are the most sought after because the investment is for a relatively short period that can go to a maximum of 12 months and the risk is considered low even if the return is not excellent. BTPs (Multi-year Treasury Bonds) represent an investment in the medium or long term, from a minimum of 36 months to a maximum of 30 years, but the return is sufficiently guaranteed to be worth the risk because the coupons have a fixed annual rate. CCTs (Treasury Credit Certificates) are medium-term securities, from 2 to 10 years with an average return. The coupons are variable rate, based on the yield of the BOTs and both here and in the two cases preceding the end the investor will receive in full the amount paid out plus interest.

Many Italians also invest in Swiss Post with a range of different formulas and returns. In particular, the postal (or savings) booklet, issued by the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and insured by the State, is advisable. Little expense and a lot of yield, also because the investment risk is very low. Also interesting are the postal bonds, also issued by the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti dello Stato and the investor has the opportunity to terminate the contract without penalty.

Investments on the stock exchange

Another way to invest and earn is related to the possibility of ‘playing’ in the Stock Exchange both physically and online. You can buy, even on the web and in real time, both stocks and bonds that represent a very common way of making money. However, it is essential to diversify the securities portfolio in order to minimize losses in the case of individual stocks and bonds in heavy loss.

There are several possible instruments, such as Binary Options and Forex, but also bonds that are issued by private companies that reimburse the holder of these securities with any interest. A medium-term investment, with good returns and coupons that are paid every six or twelve months.

Banking products

Linked to the world of banks are both bank investments and Deposito Accounts. In the first case, the best opportunity is a Common Fund that can be paid in either as a whole or with an accumulation plan, therefore with fixed deadlines and a bit at a time. Always in the bank, both traditional and online, one of the most popular formulas is the Deposito Account, with investments that go up to 36 months. The longer the period chosen is, the greater the possibility of earning also because the returns are net.

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