How to invest your savings without risk

How to invest your savings without risk

Almost half of the Italian population has activated at least one form of investment, but the choice usually falls on traditional products and without great forms of diversification, also because of a still high rate of “financial illiteracy”. This is why the focus is on practical and reliable tools, such as deposit accounts.

After the crisis of 2007 better invest with a diversified portfolio

Italians, people of savers. This is one of the main myths that accompanies the analysis of the behavior of families in our country when it comes to investing their capital, or rather, to be precise, when it comes to “secure” their money. Beyond the news and the upheavals of the market, in fact, our countrymen continue to show a strong predilection for traditional products and considered more solid, with little openness to new and more advantageous types. But there are a few exceptions, fortunately.

Adapting to the context. First of all, it must be said that the world of economics has not yet recovered from the great crisis that began in 2007; it is since then, in fact, that confidence in financial products has been weakening and, above all, the share of capital dedicated to savings, which in many cases has been used to meet the needs of everyday life. And even now that the market offers more possibilities and often more profitable, the Italian investor continues to prefer the classic spaces of shares, bonds and funds.

Little knowledge, too much presumption. A recent study by Consob outlines the traits of a “financial illiteracy” that still afflicts our country, which in this field continues to orient itself on the basis of their instincts or the advice of friends and relatives, leaving only in the final hypothesis the possibility of seeking expert advice. The first effect that is reported is that of the failure to create a portfolio diversified on several levels, which instead the most attentive analysts consider an insurance (albeit weak) on volatile markets of this last period.

The investments of the Italians: better little, but sure!

Little better, but sure. This also explains why the Italian saver is particularly risk-averse, which is interpreted as a synonym for loss, thinks so more than 70 percent of people interviewed by Consob, which says it prefers products with capital or minimum return guaranteed. At the same time, there has been an increase in the incidence of bank or postal deposits in the investment portfolio, which has now risen to 52 per cent (it was 38 per cent in 2007), to the detriment of state stocks and bonds, which instead have fallen by 43 and 23 per cent in the last year alone.

Little courage. Italian savers therefore seem to be short-sighted, when choosing an investment, taking into account the most innovative instruments and forms that can represent a higher margin of profit (in the face, however, of an increase in the risks involved). However, as we said, there is an exception, because a financial product is climbing the rankings of liking in our country, also because it combines security, reliability and profit. Here is an article dedicated to how and where to invest, but also taking into account some “risk”: the real estate market, government and postal securities, investments on the stock exchange, banking products, raw materials such as gold.

Deposit account as a risk-free savings instrument

Deposit accounts, growing instrument. If, in fact, current accounts have margins of return below zero, there are other instruments that are on the rise: for example, the solution of Banca Farmafactoring, which offers Contofacto, a product that is among the best thanks to interest rates for deposit account of more than 1.50 per cent on units tied to 12 months, which also increase in proportion to the time selected. But there are also other promotions on deposit accounts that in turn offer large banking groups such as BNL, Unicredit, Banco San Paolo, Mediolanum, Credem, Fineco, Ing Direct, Widiba, Webank, Hello Bank!, Che Banca! and other national and international realities. Just browse through the official websites daily to take advantage of the offers and maybe withdraw for free or make bank transfers without commission.

Just the deposit accounts appear today the most attractive products on the savings scene, combining the advantages of obtaining an economic return (maybe small, but sure) with that of investing their capital without taking risks, also having further guarantee of being able to get back the capital.

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