How to invest your savings without risk

Almost half of the Italian population has activated at least one form of investment, but the choice usually falls on traditional products and without great forms of diversification, also because of a still high rate of “financial illiteracy”. This is why the focus is on practical and reliable tools, such as deposit accounts.

After the crisis of 2007 better invest with a diversified portfolio


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Is it still worthwhile to invest in the brick? Development of the real estate market

For years the real estate market in Italy has been one of the most solid sectors because investing in brick was considered one of the most profitable and intelligent moves to make. With the crisis of 2009 and the collapse of the currency, not only the euro, also the trend of the real estate market has become fluctuating and it was not easy to get out of a long dark moment...

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Investing in startups: guidelines

Investing in innovative start-ups is a good way to try to make money and at the same time enjoy tax benefits that in Italy are provided from 2013. In particular, the Decree of January 2014 signed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance has set the guidelines and the stake for all those who want to join the crowdfunding, that is the public collection of money to favor companies of that type.


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Investing in coffee and coffee prices

Investing in coffee can have very interesting prospects. Today, coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world and has a turnover of 90,000 million dollars per year.

Before investing in this market, however, it is worth analysing the sector in depth, knowing the real time price of coffee and studying a specific strategy.

There are no drinks in the world more popular than coffee, the drink is bo...

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12 ideas to invest in tourism

The travel and tourism industry is one of the main sources of income in most countries of the world.

Investing in tourism in Italy means accessing countless direct and indirect job opportunities in the business sector, as well as profitable earnings.

Most consumers are familiar with the travel and tourism industry using its services for rest and relaxation during family holidays.

However, these sa...

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